First ChessDoubles Tournament

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Project idea

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How To Play

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Why ChessDoubles?

We want to attract and simplify chess competitions between countries and clubs in a similar way that the tennis Davis Cup is being played. Top chess players such as Karpov and Kasparov, who are top individuals, probably would not play chess in pairs because they do not want someone to interfere with their tactics, they would therefore play individual matches on the first and third day, while a well-coordinated chess pair would play on the second day. The point is that the two chess players can become a top-ranked chess pair who could maybe beat, for example, Kasparov and Karpov in a pair game :) ! We also want to attract more audiences and sponsors with chess commentators and mini-cameras to track the player's reactions. By this way the chess would finally become a team sport in the true sense of the word. For all investors who like this idea, feel free to contact us:!

Chess revolution


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Core features of ChessDoubles

Innovative concept

This application represents a real game-changing concept in the world of chess. Chess becomes real team sport where you need to combine and align your gaming strategy with your partner.

Mobile friendly

You can use different devices in order to play ChessDoubles. Our application supports wide range of possible devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets or even smartphones.

Global arena

Play chess in pairs with players from all over the world. ChessDoubles supports online mode of playing, not only on DGT boards. Create online games and invite your friends!

Tournament mode

You can use standard DGT boards to organize ChessDouble tournaments and you can find out who is the best team in chess pair gaming mode.

Watch games

By using ChessDoubles application you can watch other chess games in real time. You can even watch professional chess games from all over the world.

Train hard

You can train your playing skills agains powerfull chess engines. Try to beat our powerfull ChessDoubles computers and you will become ChessDoubles master.

Lets get started with ChessDoubles!

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ChessDoubles Game

Latest News

New feature development

We started development of brand new LED chess tables to fully support chess in pairs. Also, we are developing chess virtual and augmented app. Chess holograms - here we come! :)

First official ChessDoubles tournament

First ChessDoubles tournament will be organized and we are proud to notify ChessDoubles community about this.

DGT plastic boards testing performed

ChessDoubles now supports new plastic DGT boards! Try out new boards and let us know your experience!

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